Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ever got inkling towards someone impertinently prying your socials, as if this scoke spends some considerate time chewing every smashed squirt of word from your blog and twitter posts? You were nonchalant for as long as you remember, and for a while it conceitedly caught you in a little bit of self indulgent realm that this someone’s probably merely admiring you. But things got out of control, the person annoyingly veered off from people’s normal path and unconsciously displayed some stalking potentials. The snooping alone tempts you to wreak havoc and what is insanely frustrating is that you still have the sulkiness to NOT even negate what’s going on.


It isn’t exactly what you call a triumph of human intellectuality when she started to sound unbelievably like you & suddenly became interested on the things you are passionately obsessed with while vexingly claiming how ORIGINAL she is. You grew sick of her everyday exaggerated jargon. She has gone as far as tweeting topics same as yours, using the exact words you used; posting music by an artist you have clearly claimed to be your favorite; planning activities you just did some days ago; fussing about stuff that has made you swoon hours before; liking or replying to every update in your profile; to the point of fooling her own self that she actually possesses similar gadgets you oh so love. Were these purely innocent co-incidences? Something iffy is progressively emanating from her personality and you couldn’t quite muster the details as to what type of sociopath she categorically belongs to. It sucks when you finally had the backbone to confront and express blazing fury on her doings just to steer clear from everything, for a fleeting second you had your hopes, but she remained just as invested in emulating and stalking as she ever was.

If only cyber coercion was possible, I would’ve done it, but why even swerve wildly off your upbringing for someone who isn’t worth your ticking time? She may have stormed the castle, but she won’t win the crown. The flattery she may have given from her gratuitous deeds is the least thing I would have hoped for when I signed up in all these accounts. It might be the most fiendish option to bust me out of a situation like this, but I couldn’t have been more delightful upon hitting the “block” button. The constant irritation I experience which I have endured for more than a year instantly disappeared, it was so liberating.  


In a world where everyone struggles to stand out among the crowd, mankind resort to doing a lot of unimaginable things to be able to survive the pressures of social media. But do we really need to be marginalized by these modern-day bullies that we tend to forget how easy it is to be who we are? 






If there’s a hundredth in a million possibility that you come across this epistle, 3 things of stringent necessities that you should know:

First, I always sardonically reply to your questions in your entire desperate attempt to begrudge me about your so-called grandeur slash pretentious way of life,

That your sneaking in my profile has all been accounted for and I have screenshots of your grammatically challenged timeline and social climbing stance, but most important of all. . .

Not only once but several thousands of times have I plotted a diabolical plan to make you realize that you’re one bad ass of a liar and I want you out of my mortal life for good because never in my spooky nightmare have I thought of partaking in all your charades and gibberish autobiography.

Over and out.  

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