Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dubai Desert Safari Lovin'

My love and lust for traveling is one of the most bizarre things I definitely would not need rehab with. And now and then, I would receive itinerary requests from friends, friend of a friend even, whenever they are concocting travel plans to cities I have been to. It is essentially something I have always considered as a lovely task.

Recently though, a very spontaneous pal who is heading to Middle East has asked me to come up with one thing that she should never miss once she gets there. I have not even set foot in UAE, but Dubai being situated right within the Arab Desert, it was a no brainer. Some tap and click on Google after, up came Dubai Desert Safari!

These luxurious vehicles will pick you up from your hotel and will send you directly to the spectacular sand dunes!

FACT: Do you know that these beautiful desert sands came from crushed shells and corals? Who would think that these fine grains are once chunky and rough shaped? Gotta love the wonders of nature. 🤓

Knowing that my friend has this lazy feat of jumping into the first package tour she encounters for convenience's sake, I went ahead and searched for a good deal and a legit touring company that could take her to her lifetime dream of dune bashing in Dubai.

And if ever your bucketlist includes Desert Safari in Dubai (mine obviously has this on the top 3), here's what I have booked for my friend which I'm sure will save you the trouble of researching as well:

Check out their website and embark on a once in a lifetime experience of being a desert nomad for a day!

EMIRATES YOO is one of the largest and most trusted travel agency based in Dubai that offers a wide range of top-notch, affluent and fuss-free package deals that will surely take care of all your Mediterranean necessities! 

Currently, their best seller is Desert Safari Dubai with BBQ Dinner and Transfer which highlights camel riding in the middle of the desert for an hour as you watch a marvelous sunset. Wow. That is sooo Sex in the City! I can absolutely imagine me and my husband experiencing this very soon!

The tour will then take you to a lavish bbq dinner with a wide array of veg and non-veg dishes. And just when you think the fun is over, gear yourself for more as dining will be made especially delectable by the type of entertainment included in the tour. Locally talented belly dancers will perform as well as other fascinating acts to further spice up your already phenomenal evening. 

Somewhere in the camp, there is a corner where you can avail of some gorgeous henna body art, something you can show off your friends when you go back home. I'll totally have one! 😁

Entertainment is its BEST! Authentic Arabian feels await you!

If you and your family are taking a holiday trip to Dubai soon, an on-going promotion is being offered by Emirates Yoo as of this writing. For every 2 adult tickets booked for Desert safari, 1 KID will be FREE. That's an amazing deal! 

Package tour cost: $40.91 –– This already includes 2-way transfer from and to your hotel, camel riding plus dinner. Easy on the budget and definitely worth your time. 

I cannot wait for my friend's shrieking voice over the phone when she calls me and relate what she has experienced in this tour! Who knows, being on our honeymoon year and all, me and my husband might check this thing out, too. ❤️

Blogger's Note:

For more details about Desert Safari in Dubai, cost and activities included, swing by They also offer a variety of Dubai Tours which you can avail with convenience and ease. Have fun!

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