Friday, July 15, 2011

That Royal Bliss of Buying & Wearing Killer Heels!

So you are in the process of transforming your closet into a shoe lover’s haven, you have practically scoured the whole of Manila & the neighboring Asian countries to score the loveliest, to-die-for heels you could find. You often find yourself overzealous into owning a fab pair the moment you stare intently at it. And only God knows how much guts you have to gather to be able to flinch away from a pair of perfect killer heels that has been screaming out your name in front of a shop’s window display while you walk by the high-end wing of a mall. You die instantly upon buying your most dreaded stilettos whether it’s going to be a financial deadweight or not. Well, you my friend are NOT ALONE.

Okay, you’re buying a shoe; you want it so badly that you dream of it every single damn night. You think you know everything about shoe-buying so you’ll just go ahead and snatch the thing off. But tell you this, as a self-confessed shoe addict, these are 3 important pillars I consider in picking out a pair worthy of my collection:


Reality check: you don’t have a personal stylist to help you come up with a perfect ensemble each & every time. And to your plight, you ask Mr. Google or consult some random fashion magazine just to figure if your shoe matches your dress. Helps yet sucks right? So here’s the key, no matter how desperate you are to have this particular pair, ask one question: Could I wear it with the first set of clothes I could take out of my closet?

Remember, if every girl should have that little black dress carefully tucked inside her closet, then why not have that perfect pair of heels on your rack as well?

B. QUALITY is far superior to QUANTITY

This is a no brainer. Of course, we all know how crucial it is to consider that Q word in almost every thing that we buy. So just spot the ideal pair, the kind that you could pass down to your heir come 2020. Although I reckon that if a shoe is really that gorgeous and banging that you fell so madly in love with it, well, it might not live that long because you would sneak-in every favorite outfit with it. So play choosy & meticulous, scrutinize every stitch, after all, it isn’t everyday that you bump into something that illustrates the perfection that u want. And for the record, not all expensive, high-end brands have the same great quality, more often than not; it’s just the brand name you’re paying.


It’s almost a wrap, you finally found something you can wear with almost any dress and you’re sure as hell it could serve you for the longest time. Wham! Price tag says, “Honey, it’ll cost your full month’s salary to get me.” You can haggle all your life, there’s no way you can afford it. Besides, you don’t have a few dollars to spare to call-up Suzy Orman and confide your financial status and just be denied in the end!

You see, you’re not a daughter of some multi-billionaire bloke, nor a celebrity for that matter. Leave it! Being fashionable need not break your bank! Of course, I love DESIGNER shoes! Who wouldn’t? I would be absurd not to admit it. But as proud as I am in owning few pairs that almost brought me to Broke-ville, I still keep in mind that even if I do wear the most glamorous & expensive killer heels and strut my way to a soiree, no one would dare ask, “Who you wearing tonight?”. Sweetie, it only happens in the Red Carpet and you are not a freaking Hollywood star!

So, what are all these blabbing about? Let me tell you pointblank. ROYALTY HEELS! Rings a bell? Ohh, wait. So you think I am doing all these just to promote a shoe shop so somebody else could cut me a check and I’d be a thousand bucks richer at the end of the day. Naah, you’re wrong. I took the liberty of writing this blog up simply to let you know that there are a few stores out there who could actually meet the not-so-demanding specs of what you really go for in shoe-buying; that there’s a handful of options for us shoppers to choose aside from sticking to your favorite Italian brand, simple as that. Plus, personal experience tells me, only a few people truly understand our need for more shoe preferences without hurting our pockets. Now that’s something!

To my surprise, my eyes were caught by this web shop I have come across with in a Social Networking site. Royalty Heels, the name itself speaks a lot about fabulosity, and mind you, it really is a fabulous shop! Why not, when the owner, Ms. China Chua, a young commercial model turned entrepreneur is the epitome of what we all wanted to be, a shoe-lover and a businesswoman! A lot of girls would kill to be in her shoe, both literally & figuratively. =)

These are some of the heels I have bought in the previous travels I had. One night, I took time in browsing Royalty Heels' Shoe Collection. And my, oh my, I capsized in my seat as I saw few interesting pieces that I could have bought instead of those pairs I already have.

Exhibit No. 1 -These BCBG Generation heels were purchased in the US at $110 (upper right photo) by my bestfriend and was sent to me  just last month. But it's so much comparable to RHC 236 by Royalty Heels which costs Php 2,400. And I'm actually liking the Teal color of it more than the BCBG i got!

Exhibit No.2- Check this Calvin Klein Pump I bought in Singapore (upper right photo). Why not have the RHC 68 in Pewter by Royalty Heels (lower left) for only Php 2,300 instead of spending $128. A great deal my loves!

Exhibit No.3 - This pair of Steve Madden I got from Hong Kong last year retails for $85 (upper right), while you could have RHC 252  by Royalty Heels  (lower left) for Php 1,990. Equally fabulous indeed!

Exhibit No.4 - Finally, this cute pump I bought at Forever 21 Malaysia last year  is as glamorous as RHC 622 by Royalty Heels that sells for Php 2,200. Couldn't get any better than that!

So let me end this by saying a famous line given out by one of my favorite designers:

"I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern - wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules....."  ~ Alexander McQueen


Ms. China Chua - Owner, Royalty Heels
* for allowing me to publish this blog and lending some photos from her collection

For more information about the shoes featured on this blog, please visit and like ROYALTY HEELS page:

Thank you.


  1. howow!! now this is what yoe called "KILLER HEELS" PRoject!! Congrats.. i soo love it!!! just so you.. =)

  2. you just made your women readers obsessed with shoes all the more.

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