Monday, November 14, 2011

My Accidental Happily Ever After

We were never the best of friends, not even close to being constant companions, no it wasn't really like that. It was just an ordinary closeness, the kind that we only know each other when there's no one in the world to cling to whenever some dork broke our hearts. . and then on that fateful day, I slipped, thank Goodness we both slipped.. 

We crossed the line and found ourselves beyond the borders of the thing we knew we only had. We woke up and told ourselves, we could never dare living away from each other's shadow. . It was sudden & very brief in fact..but hey, it was insanely more than we both imagined. It never took me half a brain to see how stunningly wonderful he is. And the gutsy move I decided to go through just to finally call it the LOVE I have forever been searching is undoubtedly & outrageously PERFECT. . and then i looked into his eyes, the most fascinating set of eyes i have fallen hard enough. Then again, there goes the familiar half-smile, oohh God.. the half smile that made me fall to my knees and raise my arms up high & be more than grateful for making it mine. He is ridiculously comical & impossible in some sort of ways. 

He could blurt out the craziest and zaniest ideas you could only bare imagine. He has this stubborn attitude of fooling over the TV's remote until it's completely unmanageable. He does quirky gestures until something suddenly drops off and all you could hear is a loud crash from somewhere near him. He's oftentimes crazy, never idle nor stiff, and oh boy, he's utterly annoying. He isn't some random hot guy you'll notice across the bar and definitely not the cynical boy-next-door type you'll eventually learn to hate in time. 

He finds my smile the most soothing relief to his headache. He fascinates on my way of making him laugh to death & even called me a sadist at one point. With him there's no such thing as temporary because indeed, forever is what it feels. . I have so messed up my entire human life, but perhaps this is how the world repays me for having been framely confined to the painful past, and for whatever means that I have totally stepped up from the chaos, he and only he was the absolute sweet prize. At the same time, knowing that i have him makes living exorbitant. . I was never lofty in any of the things i have endured, but being one with him, i feel topnotch, invincible..kinda like no one in the universe will matter apart from him.

And after all the cascade of loving feeling, i feel that there really is no such thing as "overly loved". Thing is, complacency has never gotten over me yet becoz there's this tiny bit of fear that i could never reciprocate any of the happiness he made me feel. And i fearlessly crave to being with him more & even more. 

So i thank the great people in his life for the biological contribution to the molding of this magnificient stranger that i love. And at the end of a usual, ordinary day with him, if one would gutsily ask me what would i do after making him feel so loved...I'd daresay NOTHING..because i'll never STOP loving him, not now, not even later... ♥

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