Saturday, April 13, 2013

Traipse Around in Style with Ingga Sandals

We've dusted off our summer closets and started dishing out flamboyant outfits for a quick mix & match, oh yes, summer fun has officially dawned us! Whether you're milling a stay-cation, a red-letter-day outside the city or  extra trips to the mall to have a crack on the sweltering heat wave, why not let the season fuel your fashion dexterity and spare your tootsies from the malady of stilts & knee-high boots?

Let Ingga Sandals jazz up your stereotypical summer ensembles and transform them into a-thousand-bucks aura.

You can never find yourself hovering on the edge of disaster when you strut your way to a fun-filled adventure or on a time-kill escapade inside a fabulous mall when you are wearing these.


Ingga is unequivocally successful in creating a fashion masterpiece that incorporates comfort and style. The sole is lightweight, sporting a color that is universal and could easily blend to any wardrobe you wish to wear. 

The possibilities of design on your ties are astoundingly endless. Believe me, for someone like me who has no fashion sense at all since birth, I was able to come up with my own DIY style. Easy breezy! 


Experiment on the adorable ties, style 'em your way and have a day-off from those skyscraper heels. 

Each purchase comes with 3 different designs of ties. Go bold, be colorful and most importantly, spend some bucks on a made-to-order dream that will solve all your worries during an unexpected fashion crisis. 

Can't wait to grab your very own pair? These you should know. . .

Ingga Sandals - Managed and owned by Kirstine Dela Rosa
Instagram: @inggasandals
SMS / Viber:  +63 915 249 1014

Have you decided yet? Contact Kirstine, drop my name (Ecel Ang), savor on a VIP privilege & get that Ingga-licious look! 

They say that what you wear on those feet is the hindmost indicator of how you feel, so what story does your tie preference on your pair of Ingga tells us today? 

P.S. You're welcome =)



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  2. Hi Ecel. I love season dust off my wardrobe because it helps me filter out what to wear and what not. Its a great time killing and exciting way. Anyways, I love all your outfit and flats.

    1. Jeez, thank you. This is my very first fashion blog so I really don't know what I'm doing. =) Thanks very much for browsing!