Monday, October 8, 2012

The Reproductive Health Bill is No UAAP Series

I have heard so much about the Reproductive Health Bill, debates, rallies, arguments and all sorts of noise, but only when the issue surfaced involving The Varsitarian, official publication of University of Santo Tomas, did I have the inclination to download the whole PDF File and read the content. This is a very high strung issue I have veraciously avoided to sail on because in our society today, when you start to strongly point out your opinion and take sides, whether you’re a PRO or ANTI, your whole life could actually be launched in a catapult and be lodged in some place you would never imagine to be in.


Blessed with a splendid honor, I am a Thomasian. I take pride of being a product of an alma mater well-known for its firm upholds on Catholicism that it never has to enunciate its barefaced stand on the topic of Reproductive Health. The Catholic Bishops of the Philippines (CBCP) has long before denounce its support and even went hands-on to thwart the passing of the bill. It is clear that UST is doing its moral obligation to support the Catholic Church in its endeavor to preserve and perpetuate the teachings of this religion. But, it isn’t for the fact that I am a rebel by nature that I am resolutely proclaiming how sturdy of a Pro-RH Bill advocate I am. And with any rationale that people like me could practically sum-up, it wouldn’t make me less of a person molded inside the portals of UST if I state my personal reasons one by one:

--> The bill is supposedly intended to lessen the incidence of maternal death rate especially on the impoverished sector of our society.
--> It is designed to finally win over a health care controversy of diminishing the sexual transmission of HIV and other infections.
-->  It aims to control the unstoppable birth rate that has plagued our nation for the past decades by educating the people on birth control methods through distribution of contraceptives and things alike.

For someone who has been exposed to the kind of commonality this country has, I am aware that death rate among mothers is not even included on the first 10 common causes of mortality, and that the gradual decrease in our population could never be the optimal solution in fighting economic crisis. Our government has got to do a lot of reform to conclusively eradicate these matters. I oppose sexual promiscuity and I STIFFLY protest the legality of ABORTION, which honestly were not even covered on the bill I read.


The editorial on The Varsitarian published last month has somewhat deranged the ideals imparted on me by my school when I was a student. I would like to assume that this article is a false representation of the entire Thomasian Community I belong to. What is saddening is the effect of what these few intellectuals have done that has bluntly disgraced the Pontifical University, the second home that has taught me to respect other people. I won’t take a noisy dispute as to who was behind the editorial, because nothing matters now apart from the content that has been inculcated on the minds of the campus goers, and now including the whole Philippines. We are entitled to our own opinions, and I like to express my consideration on the end of these writers, what I disdain the most is the name-calling they have made, dragging the pristine of other equally Catholic universities, Ateneo de Manila & De La Salle. The arguments on the Reproductive Health Bill are NO UAAP Basketball games wherein you can harshly display your support to your school against rivals. The sensitivity of this issue alone has taken us 2 Presidents and we are no way near to resolving it because it is a national issue that has divided the people. UST never raised us to mock other people’s belief just because they differ colossally from ours.  


Soon we have to stand by our cards on whether or not to make this bill be into a legitimate piece of well-tackled issue, and sooner we would be much constrained into finding effective solutions as to the woes of poverty, over-population and a steadily escalating incident of sexually transmitted diseases. There is no denying that our Church and the Government are both beamed into carefully considering the welfare of the Filipinos now and the generations ahead. WELFARE – isn’t this purpose substantially enough to unite us all? Why can’t the government, guided by the clergy and doctrine of our Mother church stand on the same ground when both are seriously grappling the perennial difficulties of our homeland?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scoffing against Anti-Cybercrime Law

“If journalists are duty-bound to heed libel law, why not others who also exercise freedom of expression?”
-- Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy (Bagong Henerasyon Party-List)

Netizens from all over the Philippine cyber world have been shaken by devastating news about Republic Act (RA) 10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention Act, recently signed by President Aquino, without the general public being informed about its mere existence. We’ve seen the news, we’ve read the outraged tweets and facebook posts, and we’ve heard the uproar of various blogger and media groups as they file for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the implementation. But just how would even an innocent internet user could end up suffering from 12 years jail time by simply posting a social rant? 

Okay, so this RA aims to eradicate specifically pornography, website hacking, spamming, to even stealing somebody’s identity which have all been rampant on the internet probably dating back to the 90’s. Ideally, it presents a safer and more blissful browsing experience for Filipinos, but we all know the drill, our social lives are not becoming a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending, not even close to it. The Philippine Police and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have both admitted their incapacity to control such crimes from occurring, and this particular bill gives them the go to gather up data from user accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, up to the point of eavesdropping on your Skype for them to collect video and voice calls without the compelling need of a warrant. A clear VIOLATION of PRIVACY. On the Official Gazette, I was alarmed on the gravity of punishment that this law intends to impose on all violators, and topping my list of disappointments is the vagueness of online-libel and it's unremarkable definition. Where have all the due processes, the rights to expression and equal opportunities to private communication gone? I am giving my tacit approval to the Filipino blogging community on its battle to cease this newly signed prevaricating act. 

Never have I been a victim of cyber bullying nor any crime associated with the abuse of internet so it wouldn't be fair enough to purposely start a personal rage against the government just because majority of the Filipinos do and obviously because I’m a blogger. I just refuse to be shackled by a law that prevents me from writing what I think and what I believe is RIGHT. Freedom has been a historical issue for this nation, from the ruthless hands of invaders during the world war up until the downfall of a dictatorial leader in the 80’s. Our forefathers have sacrificed an entire lifetime for us to walk the earth with a sense of liberty and independence. Never have we foreseen that as the world evolves to be technically advanced, our country will be left behind because of our lawmakers who fear of being crucified publicly once they commit something against people’s approval.

For the lawmakers to nibble on:

1. Violators : Jail Spaces – Not unless the government sets aside additional sum of budget for constructing additional prison cells, there is no way that the existing city jails could accommodate me and very likely a million more hard-headed citizens that will deliberately continue to practice what we know is a fundamental privilege to manifest our opinions.

2. Scarcity of FREEDOM – As this law is targeted on averting and limiting libelous statements and acts, it subsequently deters people from enjoying unrestricted ability to set forth their belief which is completely a contrary to the essence of DEMOCRACY.

Perhaps I could be prosecuted after posting this blog, and I could definitely be imprisoned for sharing my point of view and vehement stand against this law. But never again call it FREEDOM of EXPRESSION if the government will continue to display it’s blindness on what this unconstitutional bill represents. If the President and other respectable politicians we have elected and entrusted our nation’s fate with truly recognize the vitality of communication sector, then they should abolish this ambiguous product of their undertaking that will produce a passive population. 

As I fearlessly voice out my disapproval on Anti-Cybercrime law, I also convey my decisive condemnation on any form of cyber crime especially those that involves exploitation of children and hacking. The animosity is that these two is being separated by a line on the sand which will take a lot of effort, time and wisdom to distinctly outline.   Only a revision of the Anti-Cybercrime Law could silence the din that has eaten up the nation the past days. 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ever got inkling towards someone impertinently prying your socials, as if this scoke spends some considerate time chewing every smashed squirt of word from your blog and twitter posts? You were nonchalant for as long as you remember, and for a while it conceitedly caught you in a little bit of self indulgent realm that this someone’s probably merely admiring you. But things got out of control, the person annoyingly veered off from people’s normal path and unconsciously displayed some stalking potentials. The snooping alone tempts you to wreak havoc and what is insanely frustrating is that you still have the sulkiness to NOT even negate what’s going on.


It isn’t exactly what you call a triumph of human intellectuality when she started to sound unbelievably like you & suddenly became interested on the things you are passionately obsessed with while vexingly claiming how ORIGINAL she is. You grew sick of her everyday exaggerated jargon. She has gone as far as tweeting topics same as yours, using the exact words you used; posting music by an artist you have clearly claimed to be your favorite; planning activities you just did some days ago; fussing about stuff that has made you swoon hours before; liking or replying to every update in your profile; to the point of fooling her own self that she actually possesses similar gadgets you oh so love. Were these purely innocent co-incidences? Something iffy is progressively emanating from her personality and you couldn’t quite muster the details as to what type of sociopath she categorically belongs to. It sucks when you finally had the backbone to confront and express blazing fury on her doings just to steer clear from everything, for a fleeting second you had your hopes, but she remained just as invested in emulating and stalking as she ever was.

If only cyber coercion was possible, I would’ve done it, but why even swerve wildly off your upbringing for someone who isn’t worth your ticking time? She may have stormed the castle, but she won’t win the crown. The flattery she may have given from her gratuitous deeds is the least thing I would have hoped for when I signed up in all these accounts. It might be the most fiendish option to bust me out of a situation like this, but I couldn’t have been more delightful upon hitting the “block” button. The constant irritation I experience which I have endured for more than a year instantly disappeared, it was so liberating.  


In a world where everyone struggles to stand out among the crowd, mankind resort to doing a lot of unimaginable things to be able to survive the pressures of social media. But do we really need to be marginalized by these modern-day bullies that we tend to forget how easy it is to be who we are? 






If there’s a hundredth in a million possibility that you come across this epistle, 3 things of stringent necessities that you should know:

First, I always sardonically reply to your questions in your entire desperate attempt to begrudge me about your so-called grandeur slash pretentious way of life,

That your sneaking in my profile has all been accounted for and I have screenshots of your grammatically challenged timeline and social climbing stance, but most important of all. . .

Not only once but several thousands of times have I plotted a diabolical plan to make you realize that you’re one bad ass of a liar and I want you out of my mortal life for good because never in my spooky nightmare have I thought of partaking in all your charades and gibberish autobiography.

Over and out.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An ill-versed Pinay on Fifty Shades

Admittedly, I've grown jittery on not wanting this be stereotyped as another book review; the blogger: bashing, hammering and acting like a know-all critic on the author. Don't expect me to tell you how many times the word "Jeez" has been used in just 4 pages, things like that is somewhat zany and incongruous with my purpose. Besides, what do I know? I'm just your average, sane, geek-by-nature weirdo who finds joy in reading. I fear of being booted-off this sight if I start to sound destructive. Really.

Fifty Shades series by E L James (British writer) has been dominating since it was first released as an e-book in 2011. Due to the uproar of book-savvy people, it was published in hard copies just this year and will soon be seen on the silver screen. Carnal. Erotic. Mother porn. Somehow, you could come up with your very own conviction once you have read all three: Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker and Freed. Christian Grey, WOW. A  business mogul, a "control freak", a pathologic-with-all-the-means-stalker, who was described with the physical attributes of Ian Somerhalder (Damon, The Vampire Diaries) as well as the brain & genius that of billionaire Bill Gates. While Anastasia Steele, the brunette, fresh college grad who is, like any other female lead character of all modern-day books, lacking self-esteem and is always on the shadow of an even hotter best friend, walking the earth side by side with her naughty "inner goddess and subconscious". Well displayed fiction.

The obvious, the discernible point I would not hesitate to agree, is the unleashing of a feminine's sexuality done off-guardedly by James. Readers were undeniably enthralled by the copious sex scenes, making it an ultimate page turner. It was a successful channel of bringing out the sadomasochist in each of us. Face it. For if ever these books were themed out of teenage forbidden love or any other sloppy reality topic like simple Grey-Steele love affair minus their coital escapades, i bet your bottom dollar this wouldn't even make any noise. 

I have researched a lot of reviews, they similarly and bravely profess hatred on the way the author has written the novel, questioning why this ever topped New York Times in such an astounding speed. Witty reviews. But then again, a different concern is what obliged me.

Casting for the movie is on it's way, and before we know it, we'll see showbiz oriented talk shows making a buzz on our TV sets. So here it is, the Philippines is a strong Catholic nation, boasting on it's long lineage of practicing solid rock faith. When even the ever controversial RH Bill (Reproductive Health) being debated by lawmakers was made as a lame rationale of God's wrath in the recent catastrophe the Pinoys have suffered, and a land where a few finds self-gratification as heinous and abominable. They say that this law is a devil's machinery to encourage the youth on indulging in their sexual desires without adding up on the country's ballooning population. No sugar-coat, Fifty Shades is about sex. The story has detailed narrations on love-making (if that term is ever applicable) on the entire series. Now, imagine those scenes being played by actors on the big screen. Ahmm, hello there MTRCB. Hey, CBCP. Ever heard of episcopal authority? 

Without frugality or meagerness, I could put my whole life on it. This too, is a target for endless debates. 

Recently I was made to know that in Middle East, a law is being imposed banning the release of these books. I am not a learned on their customs and way of living, but it is crystal clear that somehow they try to maintain the sacredness of that act, OR, it could either be, they feel it's a sacrilege or profanation on their women. Whatever, they sure are reasonable in their own rights.

So how will the Filipino religious sector able to accept an obscene movie and loathe every bit of it while the film industry strongly points out the "art form" it embodies? Oh this sounds too good. I should better check on my popcorn stockpile, there's a possibility I might run out of while watching a seemingly forever, dubious battle of Religion vs. Art. I could relentlessly dwell on how far the issues will take us. Let's just wait on how the film will be brilliantly made. And when it finally comes out then the hypocritical rage of the religious becomes viral, imagine me saying, I told you so

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Series of WTF moments.

This may sound whiny, but in no other way to describe this, so be it. It's just baffling to me why you have to go through a lot of cow dang for a particular moment, in a succession that unleashes the devil in you. Maybe someone or something isn't aware of the word "idle" or taking one sheez at a time for that matter. Anyway, describing the animosity that I've gone through is like letting you feel in your hand a drop of cold water from a fountain, impossible but could be understood. I feel my being slowly crashing down as if there’s no way to stop the increasing number of catastrophes that knock on my door. I swear I was on the verge of screaming it all out. Whatever inch of sanity I barely possessed, I held on to it like it was the last breath of air I could engulf. Sleepless nights. I turned into eating and loading the most enormous amount of sustenance I could handle. I indulged in spas, taking my time to relax and detoxify my body and spent half a fortune to every available massage and treatment there was.

So imagine yourself in one of these :It's like you're glammed up with one of your best, pricey designer dress but on your way to a shindig, you tripped over an uneven floor tile and broke your Loubs. Lethal! And to your dismay, you realized your mobile was drained to death giving you the only option of an Emergency call. You could also imagine being stir-fried on a wok by your bosses on one of your meetings, you could not find a single sensible reason to bail yourself from a problem that is probably not that life threatening at all but because you are aware that you are actually conversing with the most exaggerated bunch of people on the land, you know you couldn't slither through without ripping off your sanity into pieces. In utter humiliation, you consider consulting the astrological signs of each one of them so you could somehow decipher what are they milling inside their heads. Pathetic. I will sign a waiver to allow myself be murdered rather than be in the same scenario ever again.

The world I know is a modern-day bitch, it screws you until the only grain of hope you have is completely gone. I wonder how would it be 20, 30 years after i have concluded this post. Maybe there could be far worse things that may occur. It's a probability and more of a possibility. That light at the end of the tunnel cliche i hear appear to me as brilliant bullshit, coz there is no spark of light I could see from afar.  LOL. There's just too much hatred in me to go on writing every superlative I know just to be able to vent out the frustration I bear. Did i just miss my rainbow? How come the universe suddenly transformed into a BIG BLACK HOLE ready to devour me with just one wrong move?

So if you ask me how am i coping now, I'd say I'm rocking it. Quite seriously, I am. Somehow I've found the rainbow, covered in thick, azure clouds... I just had to open my eyes to realize. It came into view during one of the most unexpected second of my existence. So it does exists, you just have to search for it and own it at the same time ♥

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How My Sanctuary Spells. . .

In 4th grade, a classmate introduced me to book-reading, it was a Nancy Drew  mystery book as I can recall. The nature of my laziness dates back when I was not even born, and on a normal day I could have dumped that thing right-off. But because I have this unfathomably stupid feat of blindly signing up to a hobby I don't even do, I took the challenge and the inconvenience of trading my TV time with reading. The last pages curled a smug satisfaction in the corners of my mouth. Something about that teen novel made half the person that I am today.

There's just an inconceivable amount of novels I have read since that kid moment, but I still hasn't come to the conclusion that I am a geek by nature. It just doesn't fit me quite yet. I think "someone who reads" is a more apt description, although there's this cold knot of panic in my stomach each time I spot an interesting book straight from a shelf or a bookstore, anxious to grab a copy or to head-on reading. As a student before, I despised textbooks with intricate Chemical and Medical symbols and terms, guess that's just a part of the well-trodden-student-trap path I've gone through. There were particular years that I've terrorized an enormous number of stores, trying my luck to look for Anne Perry novels. I have fallen in love with the Victorian era so much that at one point I considered myself a resurrected woman from those ages. Ms. Perry has a very detailed narration on the mayhem and mysteries present during those days and it has played on my imagination very strongly. I've read some Philippa Gregory, the stories on Medieval period about kingship and how royalty conceals the human instinct of each character. And then the number of authors go on, from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, John Saul, Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Daniel Steel, to the new rising talents of Lauren Kate. Long with these books, I have evolved as a big human fan to these creations. I find myself rather compelled to feed my knowledge, to explore more, to be deeply affected, to react violently on the plot and to curse my way into understanding a writer's style and forte.

Looking back on the young years of my existence as someone fighting my way on top of the food chain, I have found a special sanctuary on burying myself on a novel, digesting every single line, forever in awestruck with each writer's stroke of words. I have dreamed to author a masterpiece, but that was until college burst my bubble and led to the realization that some dreams just don't really come handy. Even my most loved individual on earth could not take me away from reading, it's my private haven, my own world, my very niche that fuels me in every single emotion I could feel. This isn't just a random routine I do, this is what I really am, this is what my biological DNA is made of, this is what my blood is partly consist of.