Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cake Spot

Aren't we all fond of eating sweet gems that only don't fancy our eyes but swoop perfectly in the palate? Themed cakes for distinct celebrations have always been the focal point of any long table. We've got to give our guests something to marvel at even after the big day. 

So I'm planning my own wedding -- I foresee the challenge of selecting the details and design of our cake. I would very much love to go overboard.

Before I haphazardly plunge into engaging some bake shop to take charge in creating my wedding cake, I have to carefully outline the budget, type of filling, tiered or not, the toppers, the theme --  whoah, wait up! Culinary-blabs bluntly nauseate me. 

Coming across Honey Glaze Cakes was such a huge relief! I was completely blown away not only by the contemporary cake designs but more importantly on the luscious flavor in every slice.

A friend in Manila hosted a soiree a few months ago and it was there where I had a first bite on an amazingly premium cake done by Honey Glaze. The timing couldn't be more appropriate, I feel compelled to check this one out. 

Located in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Honey Glaze Cakes is managed and owned by Aileen Torres-Conde. Her training & education abroad combined with her passion and natural talent as a pastry chef were behind every masterpiece that comes out of her kitchen. 

2 Reasons why Honey Glaze will make my wedding cake:

My Cake, My Rule

Since they specialize in creating customized cakes, I wouldn't have problems in choosing the design I dig and the flavor I want. A little chat with the chef and voila -- it's a deal. Sometimes the ideas in our minds are in dire need of some professional suggestions, after all, it is perfection we are seeking for in a significant day like a wedding. Finalize every specification 6 months prior to your desired date, this will provide enough room for adjustments and last minute requests. 

You Get What You Pay For

Budget is one important aspect that should be well thought, and the cake is just one item in the long list of things you have to splurge on. Yes, their cakes are quite pricey, but it wouldn't be wise to settle for something cheap that will compromise the taste. What honestly captivated me in the first place was Honey Glaze's promise of a delectable treat in their cakes. In a reception that holds 200-300 guests, satisfying each attendee's tummy is what me and my fiance aim for. Shouldn't we all? 


Wedding cakes that made my decision a little more arduous. Why, it is so hard to choose from all these great designs alright? If only wedding is an annual thing, I would order each one per year! 

Birthday Cakes that would make you want to throw a bash every week. Surprise your loved one with one of these and make their birthday the best they ever had. 

Since our wedding cake will play an imperative role in transforming our big day into extra special, I have chosen a simple design that embodies elegance but still nothing short of a spectacle. It would probably be something like this, but maybe a little more glittery and the additional of some symbolic knick-knacks that signify our union. I am getting more stoked each day!

Contact HONEY GLAZE CAKES through the following:

Telephone: +632 7032414 / +632 3467336

Mobile: +63 922 8279848 / +63 920 9525166 / +63 917 5214883


Adress: 114 Ocampo St. Don Jose Heights Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City Philippines