Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I couldn't give up my Coffee

The second greatest thing about my coffee addiction is having been constantly partnered through the course of pulling together any plight i am into. It's like starting off an optimism-driven day with the full, rich aroma that excites your stomping feet to get on with what's ahead, knowing in mind that what lies for you is a whole lot of work that you could never say no..And then suddenly you found yourself inside the office, and staring right in front of you is a multitude of tasks. You couldn't imagine dealing with each one without feeling in your hand a mug of steamy espresso that almost like pushes you, at the same time assuring you that every thing's gonna end well somehow..

There goes the chain of meetings you are obliged to attend even though how you feel is the "being-fed-to-the-wolf" thing that creeps you each time, but then you once again conquered the fear, not because of the confidence you naturally possess but perhaps because all the while, right beside you is your mug of freshly brewed coffee beans patiently waiting for your lips to touch it's rim..

The day continues with you, being so exhausted and exasperated, when all you have left is a brain smashed & was excruciatingly painful, plus your mangled human body screaming for a much needed break. Surely, you'll crave for another cup, as if you have never tasted coffee in a gazillion year, and this is when you become sincerely thankful to your state-of-the-art coffee maker that provides the only luxury you could never go living without. 

And as you end your day, you lay your back to the very inviting bed, you begin to run down inside your cerebellum the love & distaste u had. You turn your head sideways and there it is, your coffee cup, in full cream with minute sweetness. You sigh in total relief. You were never alone through it all.. 


  1. Very nice! I'm a coffee person myself. I regard it as one of the finest things on earth. Hehe. I'd always make a cup whenever I get a chance to :D

  2. What a deep feeling for a coffee lover!=) i Can't imagine myself thinking how great to have a coffee in my life...lol!=) but i love coffee!=) nice angang!=)