Friday, April 3, 2015


Proven to be true, the binding element that fortified my relationship with my fiance is all things INCUBUS! We share this profound love and admiration to this 5-man alternative rock band since the beginning of our relationship. I would always remember listening to their music during one of our road trips or watching Morning View in our car pod while stuck in Manila traffic.

But this is not about me and him.

On March 13, 2015 at the MOA Arena, Brandon Boyd and the boys had their 4th Manila concert as part of their World Tour for their newest 4-track EP, TRUST FALL (Side A).

Originally, I was set to come home to Manila from Singapore by mid-April. But what the hell! No harm in re-booking my flight earlier just to catch them live, right? It was our 3rd time to watch them perform before a very loud audience, 2 of us included, and it is always, always an adrenaline-packed, necromantic moment! Woohoo!

They opened the show with "Wish You Were Here", imagine the scream I made when I heard the bassist strung up those chords. Holy freaking beast! I think I have completey lost it.

Somewhere in the middle, they performed "Absolution Calling", their new song released worldwide on February 5th. I never actually expected that it sounds far better live with Brandon doing what he does best: enchant listeners! I was like a retard enraptured for almost 4 minutes. And then  there's "DIG". I almost passed out. No kidding. No exaggerations. You know sometimes, there is this exceptional song that slam bangs the life you live, and this is it for me and my love. Verbatim.

I said this isn't about me and my fiance. But talking about Incubus, Brandon Boyd or their wonderful music is the same as talking about our love story. Pretty gooey, but I'm ecstatic professing it to the universe. It will be somewhat formidable separating the two, so why make it onerous then? 

This concert is so bodacious for the two of us who are in the midst of embarking a new chapter in our lives. 2015 will be our wedding, they released new music, they included Manila in their tour after Australia, Japan, Singapore and Bangkok. Our wedding coordinator even contacted Ovation Productions because we really wanted to do an engagement photo shoot during sound check. We were not successful. But it never made us LOVE them boys any lesser. 

And this is an OATH for our undying love to INCUBUS: Our kids will listen to their music, no matter how long and painstaking it takes to convince them so. 

Salud to LOVE, LIFE and a more wonderful world with INCUBUS music in it. Rock on! 

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Some of the awesome pictures featured on this blogpost were grabbed from from the magical lenses of Julian Schratter. Thank you!